Megan Lepre

Owner & Professional Cleaner

Always making the very best out of every situation, Megan continues to be creative and maintains a positive state of mind. She brings all of that positive energy into to your homes with natural and safe products for cleaning and disinfecting.


Danielle Karsch


Organized, responsive, and genuine, Danielle brings a streamlined sense of leverage to the Coastal team. Onboarding new employees, facilitating payroll, keeping up with our social media and everything behind the scenes.

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Kara Marelli

Staff Supervisor & Training Specialist

Kara's sense of humor and compassion make her an asset to our Coastal team. Her fun loving personality makes her a great co-worker and a supervisor our staff feels comfortable with.

Although she now resides in North Kingstown, Kara is originally from Nantucket. This shows in her unending love for the ocean and night sky. 

Jana Cochran

Professional Cleaner

Born 4000 miles away, Jana enjoys hiking, walking or simply sitting at the beach with a great book. Although simple, Jana is an asset to our team. Our clients enjoy seeing her friendly smile and her consistent work ethic.


Sharon Segatore 

Professional Cleaner

Sharon is an Energy Alchemist and Holy Fire Reiki Master and brings amazing energy to our team and to our client's homes. She is well known for arranging personal and cherished items and utilizing them to cleanse and restore balance, raising your home's energetic vibe. She encourages cleansing of bad intentions and anything that is not aligned with light and love.


Mackenzie Ward

Professional Cleaner

Mackenzie loves animals and spends any free time she has at the beach. Originally from Coventry, Mackenzie is an incredible addition to our team. She thoroughly enjoys being adventurous and trying new places to eat!